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Summary of the Manuscript

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The agile leader

Here is a small summary of what I think the book will be about:

This book will be about leadership and management of knowledge-based work.  More particularly, it was  about software development as a knowledge-based discipline. Agile methodologies in software development have implications for organizational agility. The shift to Agile methods signals a larger transformation in the workplace. This transition state is turbulent, marked by continuous change with no clear or easy solutions.

The transformation will result in a state of continuous change. Continuous improvements are indispensable in order to be competitive, whether you like it or not. Changes result in a feeling of being out of control, and when work is about making exploratory journeys you can’t feel comfortable. But you are not alone.

When you leave your comfort zone and undertake an endeavor, it’s natural to feel some hesitation and anxiety.  It’s not a personality flaw, it’s very human to want to maximize our ability to survive, both at sea and in software development projects.

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