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First look at SparxEA

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Yesterday I was on an introduction course on Sparx Enterprice Architect which seems to be a quite competent tool. I like that they have collected all types of modeling, UML, Process, Class and DB into one tool. You can integrate it with versions controls like Subversion and TFS. It really feels like the modulation programs have got a bit further than just the drawing programs like Visio. I use to reverse engineer database diagrams and entity relationships diagrams with Visio and tried that with Sparx EA and it worked fine. The threshold seems to be a bit higher then with Rational Rose or Visio, but often that means it more productive as soon you learned the tool.

One nice function was that it was real easy to export everything to HTML in order to publish the whole model for other that don’t have SparxEA. It’s seems to be a great tool for documenting and modeling complex solutions. I will definitely learn more about SparxEA. Here is a brief introduction if you are curious:

You can try SparxEA for free in 30 days which gives you plenty of time to learn this tool.

Trying storytelling with

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At Sigma we have decide to try storytelling about business cases, so decided it could be a great opportunity to learn Prezi’s presentation tool. I wrote a little story and implemented it in PowerPoint and then just made it a Prezi presentation instead. Totally it took 5 hours from idea to a finished presentation. The Prezi part was really easy and you learned the foundation of the tool on 5 min. Here is my story. (It’s best watch in fullscreen, you find fullscreen on the “More”-menu)