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First version the book Agile Leadership


Av Patrik Malmquist This free book is about software development without a word on how to develop software; it’s about everything else around the development of software except programming. More particularly, it’s about software development as a knowledge-based discipline and what might make complex software development more productive. Complex problems has multiple solutions, there is no one BEST way to run a software project. It’s like solving rubrics cube it’s got multiple solutions some better and some not so effective, and some strategies doesn’t solve the problem. This book has a specific audience – people how organize software development.

It’s not finished! If we write software in an iterative and incremental way books would probably gain to be written this way also. So here is my non finished first public version of my book “Agile Leadership – A book about the human factor of software development”. So please enjoy and spread it to people that might like it and give me feedback. It free for non-commercial use and licenses under Creative Common – CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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Patrik Malmquist   

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