Work is not a place, it is an activity!

The technical conditions for a more mobile society is really starting to come into place. Since we got a telecom infrastructure in combination with more powerful phones and tablets in combination with cloud services have their mobile motto  “Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device” is created. This has made it possible for those who work in the service sector has many tasks that are no longer tied to a physical location. Work has gone from being a place to being an activity!

This will lead to so much more changes than in technology, we will need to:

  • We will get a completely new way of relating to work!
  • We need to reflect on the relations between time and value.
  • We need training, procedures, systems and practices to show our presence at a distance.
  • We need training, procedures, systems and practices to collaborate remotely.
  • We need to shift from a culture of control to a target-oriented leadership.
  • We will change our physical offices, as we come to the office for another reason.
  • We will often work  harder in places other than the office. I myself often sit in cafe’s, libraries and hotel environments.
  • We will digitize all new processes and situations.

It’s important to acquire new “best-practices” for this change. Some call it a paradigm shift, but I think it is more about evolution than revolution. Personally, it fits very good to sit at home and work when I have a deadline to relate to. But worse if I just work at all, need to cooperate and coordinate different tasks with others. So the work life is changing, our digital work life will become much more mobile in the future.