Cooking and team capacity

Cooking is one activity that I have organized a couple of times with my development teams. It’s a good way to share common experiences and to get to know each other outside the office. When we were in a restaurant one evening, the chef in charge told us about yesterday’s session. They had a group from an organization that was very hierarchical. No one dared to show they were more knowledgeable than their boss and no one dared to be different from their boss. No one dared doing anything they haven’t done before, because they didn’t want to risk failure. When no one dares to risk anything or go outside their comfort zone, the food turned out to be very ordinary, and no one enjoyed the meal.

It’s the same with software development – if differences are accepted and group members take advantage of differences, the project tends to be better adapted to the needs of customers. If no one does something different or takes risks, the capacity of the team is minimal and is only based on what members know as accepted.